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Intentions (2016)

-recycled metal, ceiling fan, and metal wire - $30

Intentions is a kinetic art object made of recycled metal, a used ceiling fan, and a rewired three pronged plug. At approximately 5’2” high and 7’ long, the ceiling fan spins the dangling metal from the circular shape, located in place of  ceiling fan’s blades would be. The spinning pipes then eventual hit the metal supports, of the whole object, causing abrupt and robust sound to perform from the collusion of the metal pieces. My choice to use recycled metals and a re-purposed ceiling fan creates a class dynamic in the quality of material and choice of motor. I created the work to portray an intentional understanding of the American dream as an unrealistic quality. The work is created to spin slowly and gain speed. It eventually hits the supports to represent intentions not being necessarily the truth of the matter. The function of the ceiling fan is then called into question, exhibiting my interest in the functional object in the art paradigm.

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