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My artist name for producing and engineering sound is qurly. I've created not only songs for my own projects but have created soundscapes for short films and videos. Here is a collection of songs on my soundcloud.


a short film

Embrace is a short film about a small gesture that makes an epic surrealist journey through the imagination of love. On the film, I helped edit the clips and create the sound with three instrumentalists.

Where you're going

a video project

A video project about getting lost in the woods on a psychological and a physical level. I helped edit this project and created the soundscape.

Uncle Shawn

documentation of an interactive sculpture

Uncle Shawn is an artwork I made about my uncle who works for Pinellas County School Systems in St, Petersburg, FL as a lawn maintenance worker. It expresses the perpetual loop of lawn care and the systems that work to keep the uneducated in the working class. This is a documentation of the piece that shows the video and audio that goes with the interactive sculpture.

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