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working title (2018)

- Depot Building, Gainesville, FL // April, 28th

working title is an installation of found objects, paintings, recordings and writings that collectively discuss the relationships of classism, landscape, labor, and suburbia. Approaching the objects as metaphors for the working class, the disregarded and worn out tools capture a manifested identity within the treatment of lower/middle class workers that attempt to survive on low hourly wages in the United States. These objects are contrasted with the elevation of the pedestal, pushing them into a fine art paradigm but ultimately being disrupted by the lack of treatment, unfinished and descaled displays. The displays attempt to capture a disoriented natural history museum, hinting at the invisibility and accessibility of the workers and the work.


Displayed alongside these objects are two paintings that are represented as “houses of the month.” These paintings are commentaries on the relationship between the elites and the working class  of this nation, while investigating humanity's fascination with maintaining/controlling nature to establish a higher position in society. The facade of the houses in the paintings are classified as more wealthy and more stable, which is a contradiction to the found objects that represent the lower class. These houses are located within Hailes Plantation, the wealthiest neighborhood in Gainesville, FL.  


One recording that plays out loud, in conjunction with sculptures, are of the lawn tools being displayed conducting labor. These sounds, that are usually annoying and irritating to the listener, are represented and provide the function of the tools in action. In the other recording, is a landscape worker talking about his experience in landscaping and how is represented in his work place.    

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