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Working Objects (2017)

-motor edger, manual edger, sheers, hose, glove, rack, hand shovel, and garden cultivator - $64

Working Objects is an installation of previously used found objects. The objects are discarded lawn tools that are then displayed on the ground, on short pedestals, and against the wall. Names and short descriptions of the tool’s function in the worker’s life is displayed on wooden name plates. The installation calls for the viewer to walk, bend down and really work for the full text and visuals of the objects in the installation space. The objects quality, material, and specifically the function they serve in society relates to the positions of workers in a specific socio-economic class. This gives context for the low pedestals and the display of the objects low to the ground, pointing to the status of these functional objects although appropriated into the art paradigm as an art object. Audio of the objects preforming the function is played in the room, this questions the invisibility of the worker for the object to complete it’s task. The display is a broken down replication of the national history museum, using name plates and glass panels as a gesture of preservation and hinting at the objects as antique objects. This relates the museum and specialized objects to the common discarded lawn tools and their workers.

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