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Body of Works (2016)


The Nature of Chess (2016)

-natural materials found in nature, plastic, metal scrapes, laser cut wood, and glass. 


 A chess board that exhibits the natural resources that are championed in society. 


The Life of Michelangelo (2016)

-found book "The Life of Michelangelo," circuit board, wiring, and Gainesville Police Department tweet. 

This artwork was made after an incident with the public bus system in Gainesville, FL. I left a bag, with electronics and this book inside, on the bus and later was called by the police. They suspected it was a bomb and I was detained for a short time. The incident was cleared up when they made me retrieve my bag from the bus. 


Quinton-Daddyo's Coaster.jpg

Daddyo's Wooden Coaster (2016)

-found wood and cabinetry 

Dedicated to my first roller coaster experience with my father. 



Conformity (2016)

-chairs, table, headphones, toy instruments, and an audio track

This is a mock experiment on conformity. I used an audio track with instructions in it directed towards the audience to preform tasks but two out of ten people are out of the loop. However, the two people preform the tasks anyways to fit in with the rest of the group. 

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