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Light Up Larry was created as a signature series of designer toys by the artist Gillon Dregory. I took his original ideas for the character, sketched it out and created branding for his custom created and painted designer figures. After developing the logo, I designed custom hoodies for the release. You can find Gillon Dregory's work on his Instagram.


Original sketch for Light Up Larry.

Front of candleboy2.png

Logo design of Clarence.

DG Shirt.png

Front of Light Up Larry shirt design.

Candle Boy.png

Character design and branding.


Original photo of Clarence, Gillon Dregory's cancer support friend.

DGH shirt back.png

Back of Light Up Larry shirt design.


Pizza World is a comedy driven animated series co-created by Brian Dusape and Myself. I'm currently in charge of the graphic design and creating the animation for the show. I've created the logo along with trailer videos, and the website to to gear up for Pizza World's release in late 2022 or early 2023. You can check out the website I designed here.


Logo for Pizza World

1-First Street copyHELP copy.png

Original drawing and idea.

PW Hoodie Frt.png

Front of Pizza World hoodie design.

PW Hoodie Back.png

Back of Pizza World hoodie design.

Design   for   outdoor   sculpture   at   the Bass   Museum   in   Miami,   FL

The Bass Museum was holding a competition for an outdoor sculpture that put the ideological framework of a monument into question. During the height of the pandemic in 2020, I felt some of the most important people were those that served others and those who were forced to work in the public sphere. I designed a large shovel made of plexiglass, that housed all sorts of tools painted gold and used to represent the working classes sacrifice during the pandemic. Below are the 2D and 3D renderings used to make the proposal for the project.

(3_4) full.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 8.20.46 PM.png
scematic (prespective).jpg
Monument_Gold Tools (Front).jpg
Shovel with background2.jpg

Blessed   and   Highly   Flavored

Blessed and Highly Flavored is a vending machine company running out of Orlando, FL. I created to logos for their initial branding. You can find there website here.

Drippin Logo copy.png

Logo for BHF Vending

HBF Vector.png

Second Logo for BHF Vending


Lazer Bros is an up and coming personalized laser cutting business. Using laser cutting technology it will create a number of different products, all personalized to customers wants.

lazor bros.jpg
Vaporwave Lazer bros.jpg
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